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The size of our team and our extensive expertise allow us to accomplish absolutely any type of building or Civil Engineering structure, regardless of its sizeĀ and/or complexity!


We provide a full sub-contract service for design of post-tensioned slabs and beams in buildings including supply and installation of post-tensioning systems, both bonded and un-bonded using the internationally renowned Tensa PTSE system ETA-15-0023 for bonded solutions and Tesit 1C15 system ETA-11-0007 for un-bonded solutions. We are UK CARES Accredited to UK CARES Appendix PT2 standard for these works

Bonded Slab Construction
Un-bonded Slab Construction


We provide a sub-contract service for supply and installation of multi strand internal or external post tensioned tendons for Highways Structures using the Tensa MTAI system ETA-08-0012. We are UK CARES accredited to UK CARES Appendix PT1 for these works. Structures which our staff have vast experience of include balanced Cantilever, Incremental Launch and Glued Segmental, internally and externally post-tensioned bridges.

Insitu Balance Cantilever Box Construction
Insitu Balance Cantilever Box Construction

LNG Containment Vessels

Tanks and Containment Vessels

We provide sub-contract services for design of post tensioned tanks and containment vessels including supply and installation of the PT elements utilising Tensa MTAI bonded or Tesit 1C15 un-bonded systems dependent on Client requirement. PSC Ltd can undertake projects such as LNG/LPG Containment vessels, Water Tanks/Towers, Silos and Sewage Digesters and our staff have experience in post-tensioned construction for these structures.

Green Energy and Remedial Solutions

We also provide remedial solutions for post-tensioning of tanks and silos originally constructed using the tensioned wire winding method that will enhance the durability and life expectancy of these structures. This will include controlled removal of old spray concrete and wire winding and subsequent replacement using un-bonded strands and a new spray concrete protection layer.

PSC Ltd has provided un-bonded post-tensioning solutions for strengthening the bases of wind turbines in order to reduce the overall size of the base and can design, supply and install Post-tensioned bases economically to suit Clients requirements.
Post-tensioned Wind Turbine Base

Lockable Shear Transfer Systems

We can provide as part of our post-tensioned sub contract for slabs in buildings lockable shear transfer systems for use in temporary movement joints either at core walls or in place of conventionally reinforced pour separation strips. We can currently supply Ancon ESDQ Lockable Dowels for this purpose if required by our Clients.

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